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If you’re new to the area, new to church, or just looking for a new start, our Sunday morning worship offers you the opportunity to build your faith in God and connect with new people.


this generation with Jesus Christ in a transformational and personal relationship and train His followers to GROW TOGETHER in a loving, authentic community that is inspired to SERVE the people of Lodi, and the world beyond, so that every aspect of life thrives.

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Come dressed casually. We want you to be more focused on learning about God than on what you are wearing. In the summertime, it’s not uncommon to see people wearing sandals, shorts, and a shirt. Others prefer to still put on their “Sunday best,” and that’s fine too! We think you’ll fit in no matter how you dress.

We love kids! We have an awesome team of volunteers that pour into our children each week. We value building relationships with our kids and modeling trusting Jesus with our lives in a fun, age appropriate, creative way. We follow safety guidelines and protocols to ensure a safe environment for your children as well. Nursery care is available for 0 – 23 months for the entire service, or your baby can stay with you during the service if you prefer. Ages 2 through the 6th grade will be dismissed from service in the Worship Center to their classes.

If you would like to check us out online, please visit our website at vinewoodchurch.com to view our 10:00am Sunday morning service.

Did you really ask that? We serve snacks and coffee after service to give everyone a chance to munch and mingle.

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